Dasil 6th World Congress Shanghai 2017


Stratpharma and Luqa are looking forward to meeting at our joint booth C27-32 in the exhibition hall. 

Stratpharma and Luqa host a workshop on the 24th of October in the Beijing room. Join some of the world’s most renowned KOLs starting at 9.00 am for “Scars and stretch marks management. Practical tips in post procedure care to improve medical and aesthetic outcomes.”
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Additionally, Stratpharma and Luqa are holding two symposia on the 25th and 26th of October starting at 2.20 pm in the Changan room. The topic of the first symposium is “New approaches in post aesthetic procedure care as a key success factor”. Dr. David Goldberg, Dr. Michael Golda and Dr. Davin Lim will be our guest speakers. The topic of the second symposium is “Breakthrough approaches in scars and stretch marks management”. Dr. Michael Gold, Dr. Girish Munavalli and Dr. Davin Lim will be our guest speakers